Keynote | Higher Education in an Era of Distrust: Education Innovation, STEM, and Success Stories

Monday, March 19
8:30 am - 9:30 am

In short, the chancellor would like to talk about public higher ed in the time of Trump. He’ll touch on DACA, Pell grants, research funding, etc. He will use California as a case study, specifically mentioning enrollment and financial pressures. He will also talk about the need for innovation and a renewed commitment to higher education in general in this country, where we are seeing declining rates of college-educated young people. Finally, he’ll also talk about some of the unique projects/programs at UCSC, specifically what we are doing to encourage STEM courses/programs among our diverse student population.   

 George Blumenthal
 University of California, Santa Cruz                                                                          


UC Santa Cruz Chancellor George R. Blumenthal is a distinguished scholar of astronomy and astrophysics. He is best known as one of the founders of the “cold dark matter theory of the universe,” the theory that has become the standard paradigm for explaining how galaxies form. He joined UC Santa Cruz as an assistant professor in 1972. He has been chancellor since 2007.   

Before that time, he held numerous leadership positions within the UC system, the most important of which were chair of the UC Santa Cruz division of the Academic Senate; chair of the systemwide UC Academic Senate; faculty representative to the UC Regents; and co-chair of the “Size and Shape of UC" working group of the UC Commission on the Future.




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