ECE Spotlight Keynote: National Instruments

Sunday, March 18

8:30 am - 9:00 am

Charting a Path of Innovation from Undergraduate Education to Research and Beyond

In the next decade, engineers will be at the forefront of tackling the ever-growing societal challenges we face as a global community and the ambitious technological opportunities we’re embracing such as autonomous electric vehicles, 5G, and renewable energy. Across each of these areas, we face an urgency: innovation cannot wait.

Electrical and computer engineering (ECE) programs and industry must be ready to develop a generation of engineers that has the talent and skillset to immediately apply engineering knowledge in the teams working to solve complex, multidisciplinary engineering problems. ECE departments will be at the heart of driving our future solutions with their underlying understanding of the technology and methodologies that will change communication, transportation, and power provision for our growing population. 

In this keynote, examine the types of partnerships that will drive research, the best teaching methodologies for preparing undergraduate students, and ways to ensure we innovate now.


 Bhavesh Mistry
 Head of Marketing, Academic
 National Instruments

Bhavesh Mistry drives the academic marketing program at National Instruments and is responsible for developing a global strategy to work with educational institutions to implement innovative engineering teaching laboratories. Mistry leads a global team of engineers to define solutions and approaches that drive innovative academic research, as well as support educator initiatives around student success, retention and program accreditation. In this role, he works with partner companies, Deans, Directors and Educators of global educational systems ensuring students are successful in meeting their learning and research goals.

Prior to this role, Mistry was Academic Program Manager of North and South America where he focused his attention on developing world-class teaching and research laboratories across the US, Canada, Mexico, Colombia, Brazil and the rest of the Americas.  Mistry has also held the role of General Manager of National Instruments Toronto, Product Marketing Manager and Applications Engineer and Associate Consultant throughout his career.

Mistry attended the University of Waterloo, in Ontario, Canada, and has a Bachelors Degree in Electrical Engineering, with previous work experience in software consulting, applications engineering, product management and technical marketing.




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