NI Webinar November 2016 NI Webinar November 2016

Teaching Mechatronics: Helping Students to
Understand and Design Complex Systems

November 8, 2016 at 2:00pm EST

Sponsored by:
National Instruments

You have undoubtedly noticed that mechatronics systems are everywhere. And, that they’re becoming more and more complex. Students who are going to be defining and building those systems must have an understanding of how best to approach these projects. They have to take advantage of the mechatronics design process to be successful faster. This approach requires them to understand not only the problem they are solving but also all the components used to solve it. This webinar dives into what the mechatronics design process is and how to best use it in the classroom and lab to accelerate discovery and provide richer, more engaging experiences.

Why Attend?
  • Get a brief overview of the Mechatronics Design Process
  • Learn how National Instruments tools can be used throughout the design process
  • See how other schools and industries are applying this process


Travis Escoffery
Mechatronics and Controls Product Marketing Engineer on the Academic Team
National Instruments

Travis Escoffery is the Mechatronics and Controls Product Marketing Engineer on the Academic team at National Instruments. He is an Electrical Engineer who graduated from the University of Florida and is passionate about creating engaging and meaningful learning experiences for upcoming engineers across all disciplines. His fondest memory from school is the “aha” moment he got from applying what he learned from his Microprocessors course directly to a design project in his junior and senior year. “What was interesting wasn’t the final project working, it had to work to get the grade. What was interesting were the stories I had about the times where I was struggling to make anything work. People love those stories and I love telling them!”

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