Winter 2013

Letter from the Editor

Pritpal Singh  Dear ECEDHA Members, Industry Partners, and Colleagues,

Welcome to the Winter 2013 issue of The ECEDHA Source. I hope that you all had good holidays and that the new semester is off to a good start.

In this issue of The ECEDHA Source we have a very interesting feature article by my colleague at Villanova University, Dr. James Peyton Jones. The article reports on the development of tools in the Matlab/Simulink environment to automatically generate code for the Lego Mindstorms NXT platform, which can be developed at a high level for autonomous robotic control. This approach avoids having to do low level, embedded system programming and allows for easier implementation of designs by students. This work was supported by grants from both the National Science Foundation and by Mathworks.

I hope by now that you have had a chance to review the program for the ECEDHA Annual Conference and ECExpo and am as excited as I am about this upcoming meeting. The conference will be hosted by the University of Central Florida from March 22-26, 2013 There are many interesting sessions including a panel session on Massive Online Open Courses (MOOC's) that will feature many of the leaders in the field. There are many other outstanding speakers, exciting panel sessions, corporate presentations and expositions and a special pre-conference program on Distance Education. So please register soon for the conference and bring along your assistant/associate chairs.

I look forward to seeing you in Orlando in March.

Warmest regards,

Pritpal Singh
Professor and Chair, Electrical Engineering and Computer Engineering Department, Villanova University
2012-2013 Editor, The ECEDHA Source


Featured Articles

Rapid Prototyping and Implementation of Student Designs Using Simulink and the LEGO MINDSTORMS NXT

By J.C. Peyton Jones, Department of Electrical & Computer Engineering, Villanova University

The use of embedded/mechatronic systems in teaching is being revolutionized by a) the advent of increasingly powerful yet low-cost computational devices and sensors, and b) by modern Automatic Code Generation tools which allow these devices to be programmed directly from high-level designs – without the difficulties traditionally associated with low level embedded system programming. This paper outlines new tools which enable the students to access hardware capabilities of the 32-bit LEGO MINDSTORMS NXT brick from within the MATLAB/Simulink environment, and to automatically generate and cross-compile the necessary code for real time autonomous implementation.

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Teaching Computational Methods to 150+ Second-Year Engineering Students at Virginia Tech

By Dr. Robert A. Canfield, Virginia Tech

Sponsored By:
The MathWorks

MATLAB® has been the core computational tool in AOE 2074: Computational Methods at Virginia Tech for many years. This second-year course equips engineering students with two skill sets that they will need throughout their academic careers and beyond. The first is the ability to use numerical methods to solve engineering problems that involve root finding, simultaneous linear equations, linear regression, interpolation, and numerical integration and differentiation. The second is the ability to apply MATLAB as a computational tool and as a programming language.

>> View the full MATLAB article

Industry News


Florida May Reduce Tuition for Select Majors

By Lizette Alvarez
December 9, 2012, New York Times

Rick Scott, businessman turned politician, campaigned for governor in 2010 with promises to run Florida like a successful business – more efficiency, lower costs, less hand-wringing and measureable results. He meant higher education, too, but until recently that meant mostly shrinking budgets. 

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College leaders consider making Florida’s next public university online-only

By Tia Mitchell
December 17, 2012, The Miami Herald


Florida’s 12th university became a reality earlier this year, and there is already discussion about whether the state needs a 13th. House Speaker Will Weatherford challenged the board governing state universities to look into creating an online-only school in order to increase access to distance education. 

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Online college courses to grant credentials, for a fee

By Nick Anderson
The Washington Post


Providers of free online college courses are experimenting with academic security measures that will enable students who successfully complete the courses to obtain credentials, for a small fee, that convey some of the cachet of a premier university.


 >> Read the full article


Mainstreaming MOOCs

By Kevin Kiley
January 25, 2013, Inside Higher Ed


As the old saying goes, “If you can’t beat ‘em, join ‘em.” This week, public universities announced two different initiatives designed to use free, online, open-enrollment courses to drive students to more traditional credit pathways. The move attempts to position free, online courses as a complement to the traditional model of higher education, rather than a disruptive innovation that could undermine it.

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Many High Schoolers Giving Up on STEM

By Michael Morella
January 31, 2013, US News


High school students aren’t sticking with STEM. Even though the number of jobs in science and engineering is expected to surge in the years to come, close to 60 percent of the nation’s students who begin high school interested in science, technology, engineering, and math, or STEM, change their minds by graduation…

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2012 ECEDHA Annual Conference and ECExpo!
Housing Alert

ECEDHA’s Annual Conference will take place March 22-26, 2013 at the Buena Vista Palace in Orlando, Florida. Registration activity has been strong and the hotel is nearing a sold out situation. Please make your hotel reservations right away to ensure availability.


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2012 Annual Survey

The 2012 ECEDHA Annual Survey is still open for participation. Please note that the survey will CLOSE on February 15. Department heads that renewed their 2012 memberships are eligible to participate. 


The Annual Survey has been a part of the ECEDHA program for more than a decade, collecting important comparative benchmark data on enrollments, salaries, graduate stipends, space allocations, graduation statistics, research expenditures, and much more.

Reminders with the Annual Survey link, usernames, and passwords have been sent to eligible department heads. For more information contact Michelle Klein at mklein@ecedha.org or 312-559-3724.

2013 ECEDHA Membership Renewal

2013 ECEDHA membership renewal is now open! ECEDHA membership runs on the calendar year beginning January 1 – December 31.

All ECEDHA members can begin renewing their 2013 membership online.

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For questions, please contact Michelle Klein at mklein@ecedha.org or 312-559-3724

Corporate Features

ECE Spotlight Series

Captured live at the 2012 ECEDHA Annual Conference, ECE Spotlight Sessions offer the opportunity to view short corporate presentations and to learn more about what these companies can offer you.

Featured ECE Spotlight Sessions:

Agilent Technologies

Innovating Next Generation Wireless and Communications Technologies with an Integrated Design, Validation, and Test Strategy

Presenter: Ron Harrison, Market Development Manager, Agilent Technologies


Hands On Analog Design for Every Student: New Analog Discovery

Presenter: Clint Cole, President, Digilent, Inc., Professor, Washington State University


Learn. Apply. Compete. The Freescale Cup.

Presenter: Andy Mastronardi
, Global Director University Programs, Freescale


University Program for Embedded Systems

Presenter: Vin D’Agostino, Principal, BNS Solutions


ECEDHA Member and Partner News


Fundación Iberdrola and The Iberdrola USA Foundation Announce Scholarship Program for Master’s Studies in Energy and the Environment in the United States

With this initiative, the Foundation seeks to promote the training of professionals who are capable of moving towards a sustainable model that meets the energy needs of society and contributes to the protection of the environment.



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Chautauqua Short Course

Short Course of First-Year Engineering Student Success. Online registration is open for the May 22-24, 2013 Chautauqua short “Enhancing Student Success through a Model Introduction to Engineering Course.”



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Miami University MSC&E Program

>> View Details

The University of Arizona announces Cognitive and Autonomous Test Vehicle: NSF Research Experiences for Undergraduates


Are you interested in programming a car to drive itself this summer? This research experience for undergraduates (REU) permits students to engage with the myriad of applications that  are related to autonomous ground vehicles.


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